Planning that much needed and well-deserved vacation just seems to get more and more exciting. But wait up! What will happen to your beloved plants while you’re basking under the sun in some beach paradise? Who will take care of them when you’re cozying up with family and friends in a winter wonderland? You don’t have to ruin your vacation worrying about such things. It just takes a little holiday proofing your plants for them to survive being left alone while you’re enjoying your vacation.

But what does it mean to holiday-proof your indoor plants? Is there even such a thing?

Plant Holiday Proofing

If you’ve never heard of it yet, holiday proofing your plants are the steps you take to ensure they survive being left alone when you go on holiday. And you have to think of this right from the start of your indoor planting ideas. Because for sure, you will be leaving them at least once in your life, whether its a day or two or for weeks. And when you do, they will need all the help they can get to stay healthy and at their best.

And what can you do to ensure this? Here are some top tips.

  • Simply move your plants to a less sunny place. Being in a shadier spot will significantly reduce their rate of water loss by up to 80%.
  • Group your plants together in a close huddle to further reduce their water loss. Doing so will help your plants create localized humidity, as the plants will emit and trap the water vapor of each other.
  • Use a capillary matting saturated with water and put your plants on top. They can get the water they need from the mat through the holes on their pots when they are thirsty. If you don’t have such matting, a bath towel will do. Simply lay it in your bathtub and place the plants on top, giving them all a good soak with the shower.

These tips are quite simple to do and will only take as much as 5 minutes before you leave for your vacation. No more worries when you follow this advice on planting indoors for the holidays.

Having a garden does not have to be limited by the season. You can enjoy blooms and greens all year round. And for all your other gardening needs, check out the articles at Woodland Rose Garden.